ek mutthi anaaj scheme

Ek Mutthi Anaaj Scheme – Details/ Benefits for Indians

Ek Mutthi Anaaj Scheme – Details/ Benefits for Indians

As per the World Bank’s report and data Indian holds the one third of the Total Poor People in the whole world, as per World Bank date it is said that there are more than 1 Billion or you can say One Hundred Crore Poor people living in the world who are below or above than Poverty line set by the World Bank on the basis of various data.

Many of the people in India are facing hard days to get even 1 time food properly to get rid of this problem Central and State Government both taking necessary actions and always starts various initiatives to overcome with this situation.

Ek Mutthi Anaaj Yojana

Ek Mutthi Anaaj Scheme – There is no shortage of food production in India. But, after all this the nation has the high percentage of Hungry people. If every person living a good life think about these people then we can easily get rid of this problem very soon.

If people just realize and start calculating how much the God give them and how much they need actually, and rest of it they give to these people. Than, one day India will free from this serious issue. To keep this point in mind the Govt started the Ek Mutthi Scheme” in various states and parts on the nation.

Ek Mutthi Anaaj Scheme Overview

The Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) started collecting the food from well settled people and serve it to the society or majority of poor people. The president of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Praveen Togadia started this scheme through which they ensure that every poor person is getting food and now one is sleeping hungry.

Under this scheme the members of this Parishad collects the A handful of grain every month from every house of the city which will then use to feed these hungry people of the society.

Working Plan of This Scheme

Under this scheme there’s a a Grain Bank in every Mohalla or Society created by the Vishwa Hindu Parishad which collects the grains on regular basis everyday from every house. And at the end of the month Vishwa Hindu Parishad’s Workers collects the whole amount of Grains or Food and distributed it to the poor families.

Following are the various benefits of this scheme-

  • The poverty line declines as per this scheme,
  • People gets food 3 times a day,
  • No one sleep hungry with the help of this scheme,
  • People who don’t have work or any source of earning through which he can buy food can take advantage of free food under this scheme,
  • It reduces the risk of Health Problems because people get the food on time.

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  1. How to start working with this yoga, I want to know each and every steps, delicately I want to do this…thanks and regards

    1. U can start collecting Wheat/ Rice from your neighbors and distribute it to the poor and hungry people living near to you. It will be so helpful for them all @Amit

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