Ebasta: Download Free School eBooks for Indian Students by Govt

Ebasta: Download Free School eBooks for Indian Students by Govt

School Books/e-Books available on e-basta.in from Indian students: Under the cloud of schemes of Digital India Initiative, The Central Government of India has launched another project which is designed for school students, teachers and publishers alike. Ebasta is not only a library of ebooks but also a platform for all the participants interested in the books.

According to the official website, “it is a framework to make school books accessible in digital form as e-books to be read and used on tablets and laptops. The main idea is to bring various publishers (free as well as commercial) and schools together on one platform. In addition to the portal, a back-end framework to facilitate the organization and easy management of such resources has also been made, along with the web based applications that can be installed on tablets for navigating the framework.

Here is the Ministry of Human Resurce Development announcement of the project.

ebasta scheme

What is eBasta?

With the eBasta project the Government of India seeks to encourage modern methods of education and impart student to use the internet platform more resourcefully. The platform is available for all- teachers, students and publishers and creates asystem in wihch school books will be available in ebook format for students to download and read on their computer. Moreover, the books could be customized and selected by the respective school faculties for their students considering their curriculum.

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Download free eBasta Android/ Desktop/ Windows Application

Platform Download links
Download free eBasta Android app Play Store or Apk link
Download eBasta Windows computer app Download
Download eBasta eBasta iOS app -to be released-
Download eBasta Windows Phone app Download
Linux app Download
Government Mobile Seva Appstore Download


  • How can School Students use eBasta?


The students have to download the available android or other platform application. The links has been provided above. The students can thereafter register to the application and create a profile. They can then use the oplatform to browse through the library of books dependeing on their class and subjects. Upon finding the necessary books, the students cna download the books in ebooks format and study them in their mobile phones, tables or computer devices.


  • How can School Teachers use eBasta?


The teachers can play a vital role in this initiative. They have to first register an account and then they can select books and other content for their students and then distribute it among their students like a basket(‘basta’) of ebooks. The teachers can select books based their curriculum and subjects and decie toselect the best books/content available for their students to benefit. There are various other form of content on the portal as well like videos, audio books, animations, simulations etc to choose from.


  • How can Publishers benefit from eBasta?


For the publisher the platform becomes an marketplace to promote their books. The publishers can provide in their study material and various other contents for their potential customers. They can also engage witht the students and teachers community to receive feedback and rating to improve their offereing.

The platform has DRM support to protect the publishers against piracy of their books or other materials.

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