Seema Dharshan Scheme

Seema Dharshan Scheme- Details/ Registration/ Online Booking

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The government of India newly invents Seema Dharshan Scheme under the ministry of human resource development. The main motto of this scheme is to encourage the young and aspiring children to know about nationalism and patriotism. Children are the backbone of the growth of a nation. They are the future heroes who work for the nation’s growth after some time. So it’s just to educate them about the values and achievements of the nation in detail. The Seema Dharshan Scheme is purely invented to fulfill those aspects and to improve the patriotism of the children.

Seema Dharshan Scheme- Details

In India, people who serve the nation from Indian army, navy and air force works really hard to protect the nation from the dangers and also risks their lives by doing so. So it’s important to educate about it to the younger generation to know the necessity of patriotism in every individual. Seema Dharshan Scheme is helping to bridge the gap between the children and nation. Through this scheme, childrens were taken to the nearest army camp or borders to know the circumstances and their hard work in real time. It will help them to know about the soldiers sacrifice to the nation’s growth.

Name of the scheme: Seema Dharshan Scheme

Scheme Launched: Ministry Of Human Resource Development, India.

Main goal of the scheme: Initiate the Nationalism and Patriotism among the young students in India.

Seema Dharshan Scheme- Features

Encourage the young students to visit the nearby military camps to provide the real-time interactions. This Seema Dharshan Scheme is purely invented to help the students to know about the soldier’s hard work in the different border territories. It was launched earlier in the year to make the strong bond between students and soldier with different cultural programs as well. It also directly motivates the soldiers to do their work with patriotism and nationalism.

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Importance of Seema Dharshan Scheme

The main goal of this Seema Dharshan Scheme is to empower the patriotism among the students and also increase the soldier’s responsibility to protect the nation in the border areas to dangers. The government of India also planned to increase the nationalism and patriotism among the students by showcasing the lives of soldiers in the border areas. Army soldiers deserve such a chance from the government to portray their efforts to save the nation from the enemies.

Seema Dharshan Scheme- Registration & Online Booking

  • The 5-day plan was started from 22n January 2016 to 26th of January 2016, by both ministries of human resource development and ministry of defense and ministry of home affairs.
  • 11th students from government schools such as Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan and Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti were taken to the akhnoor and attari borders.
  • They were performed and participated in different cultural and other programs in the events organized in the camps.
  • Apart from the cultural program’s students were also taken to the border areas to experience the real scenario.
  • This will help both soldiers and students to share the patriotism and nationalism to protect the nation with join hands in different streams.

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