soil health card yojana

Soil Health Card Yojana, Soil Health Card Scheme For Farmer

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Soil health card yojana

Soil health card yojana launched by priminister narendra modi in month of February 2017.In this scheme Government provide a social card.In this scheme main benefits to check study of soil quality and according grow up good crops.If the soil quality not good the the crops will not be better production so that the India government provide that one card.In the period of 3 year Indian government aim provide that one card  14 crore farmers.Soil health card yojana is very Beneficial for all of Indian farmer.All of Beneficial farmer can take benefits of this scheme and according to provide government test of soil farmer can grow up crops they can take benefits.In this health card government test your soil and provide report according than you can group up crops in your farm and take lot of benefits.For more about Soil health card yojana click here

Soil health card yojana Overview

Name of Scheme – Soil health card yojana
Area of Scheme – Soil Testing
Launching Date Of Scheme – February 2015
Scheme Launched By – Priminister Narendra Modi
Total Budget of Scheme – 568 Crore

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Importance of Soil Health Card Scheme

  • In this scheme our Indian government vision Include 14 crore Farmer.
  • In This Soil health card yojana Indian government provide a report of soil testing and in this soil testing Farmer can find all of detail.
  • In this scheme every 3 year government provide a social card.

Benefits of Soil Health Card Scheme

  • In this scheme government test soil very clearly and told farmer which one crop you can grow up in this Farm.And authority checking all of soil quality like Alkalinity, Salinity, Acidity and provide a report all of soil testing.
  • In this soil testing our all of agriculture expert of government experiment in this soil and provide better and better things.
  • That one social card will told you all of soil Shortage so that farmer will understanding and which crop grow up that time and government expert also will tell you that which one Compost need in soil.
  • That one scheme main aim find type of soil and which type we will Improve that things.

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Process of soil health card

  • First our government collect the sample of soil.
  • Than government send this sample of soil in laboratory and will do check all of detail.
  • Than the Analyze check the result of testing.
  • Than than make a list of soil sample Weakness and Weakness.
  • And than government update all of testing detail on social card.

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